Insurance for Signing Agencies

Notary Signing Agent Insurance

Mobile Notaries

Does your business send out notaries that are employees or independent contractors?  You will need to purchase a policy that allows for multiple notaries.

Types of Insurance

Think beyond professional liability insurance.  You need to consider general liability, data breach, and crime insurance. New contracts are requiring more coverage.

Workers Comp

Did you know that you may need workers compensation insurance even if you use only independent contractors? You could be liable for injuries they sustain.

Why Us?

Professional Liability (E&O)

This type of insurance is the most common request we get.  It is intended to protect you in the event of a claim for causing a financial loss to a third party.

General Liability

All businesses need to consider this insurance, as it can protect you for claims for accidental bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

Crime Insurance

This is intended to protect you for claims of theft by an employee against you or a third party.

Data Breach or Cyber Liability

This insurance is for a data breach and can include notification expense costs.

We have been working with notaries for many years across the country.  As your business needs change, we can help. Same day quotes are available in almost all states.

The notary signing industry is changing.  We are seeing requests for more types of insurance, including crime insurance for notaries and notary cyber liability (also called data breach insurance).  Dont limit your options by not having the required insurance policies.  If you want to work with title companies, escrow companies, and banks, you may need this polices to comply with a contract.

Think about not only the contracts that you may not get with banks or other groups, but also the risks to yourself and your business.

Insurance for the Notary Industry