Notary Insurance

Notary Professional Liability (E&O) Starting at around $200 / year

Prices vary by location.

There are several types of insurance a notary should consider.

Professional Liability (Errors and Ommissions)

General Liability

Data Breach or Cyber Liability

Notary Bonds (click here)

Workers Comp Insurance

Mobile Notaries

Mobile Notary Insurance

As a mobile notary, you are traveling to clients’ offics and homes, which is why you should consider purchasing not only professional liability insurance (also called errors and omissions insurance), but also general liability insurance.  Look at these potential notary claims below.  General liability insurance may be included in some quotes and may require that it be added to others.

Accidentally miss a signature and get sued for a loan not closing on time

Professional Liability

Place your notary bag on the ground and have a client trip and fall over it causing bodily injury.

General Liability

Get In touCh

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Notary Signing Agencies

Please click here to fill out the online application if you send out other notaries as part of your business.


If you are a current client and need to file a claim, please first refer to the contact information in your policy.  If you need more help, please contact us.

What are the common names for insurance for notaries?

The insurance industry may refer to it as notary public professional liability, but it is also often referred to as notary E&O insurance, notary errors and omissions insurance, or e and o insurance for a notary public.  Of course, remember that this is different that general liability.

How fast can I get proof of insurance?

Individual notaries with 3 people or less in the business can buy online and get instant proof of insurance. The Coversmart notary insurance options generates instant proof of insurance after you purchase online for eligible quotes.

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Coversmart for Notaries

Coversmart notary insurance offers E&O insurance and general liability insurance for a competitive price. Notaries can purchase the Coversmart notary product online and get instant proof of insurance.

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