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Notary Bonds

Buy a Notary Bond Online

Notary Bonds are required by many states to obtain a notary commission. Bring your bond with you when you go  for your commission to  provide the county office.

Notary Bonds and E&O Insurance

In some states, E&O insurance is included automatically.  In others, you can add from $5000 – $50,000.  If you need a higher limit, then please click below.

California Notary Bond Special Rules

Since California requires that the bond be notarized, it will be mailed to you after you purchase the bond online.  You can also choose to add E&O when buying the bond.

Many states require that notaries purchase bonds to obtain their notary commission.  It’s a common requirement, but fortunately, it’s also a low cost one.  Remember that a bond is not insurance

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