Remote Online Notaries are the future (in most states)

The future of the notary industry is moving faster than many notaries have planned.  With so many new technologies appearing in society, many states are starting to accept remote online notarizations (RON).  You can check to see if your statute allows remote notarizations here.

The process of becoming a remote online notary is not instant.  You will likely need to fill out some additional paperwork and then work with a service that allows you to process the notarizations.  One reason to think about setting up your remote online notarization service is so that you will be ready for the future, even if you are not going to use it today.

Some benefits of being a remote online notary are:

  • reducing travel costs
  • notarizing more documents each week because of reduced need to travel
  • the ability to grow your business through offering the service

Sign up to become a remote online notary today by clicking here.

Remember to get your notary errors and omissions insurance to protect your business.


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